Johnson Partners Helps Technology Business Expand into Teesside


Recently Johnson Partners helped technology company, Tech Corner, expand their business into Teesside. Johnson Partners worked with their agent in China to ensure the delivery of new shop fittings was made successfully, with Johnson Partners taking control of the shipment as it came in to the UK. The shipment was shipped from China all the way to Tech Corner’s new store in the Parkway Centre, Coulby Newham.

The shop fittings included essential elements to be used in the store, such as signage and lighting. It was crucial that the fittings were not damaged as they were going to be used in the shop for all to see. Johnson Partners have built up a great relationship with many trusted agents around the world so can ensure reliable, timely deliveries around the globe.

Johnson Partners are passionate in helping the local economy grow and prosper, so when a business wants to expand into the Tees Valley Johnson Partners are always more than happy to help. It is their mission to grow as a business and help with the growth of the region by helping businesses wherever we can.

Johnson Partners can offer a wide range of transport services, whether it be by road, air or sea. The company also has over a decade of experience in project forwarding and handling abnormal loads so can assist any large-scale project a company may have. In perhaps Johnson Partners’ largest project to date, the company delivered equipment from Europe to China to build two new Jack Up Vessels for MPI Offshore. The Vessels would be used to install new offshore windfarms and were named Adventure and Discovery.