Event Season is Well Underway!


Johnson Partners have attended their first of many networking events this year. Event season kicked off with Venture Fest Tees Valley at Wynyard Hall!

Venture Fest was a busy day with workshops and keynotes that gave insight into how the Tees Valley region is innovating and adapting to change in the business environment. The speakers, which included Ben Houchen (Tees Valley Mayor), gave opinions, statistics and real life cases on how organisations in the region are adapting to change. It was demonstrated by speakers at the event  how the Tees Valley region is growing, with businesses in the region going from strength to strength.

A major talking point at the event included how we should all be proud of the Tees Valley area and that we should all be positive about the region. This is so that nationwide negative perceptions about the area are changed. If this is done then business in the Tees Valley will grow at an even faster rate!

Workshops included: How to Generate New ideas, How to Better your Business Using Digital, How to Make Your Organisation More Innovative and How to Commercialise New Products and Services. These were attended by Johnson Partners and they strengthened our knowledge in these areas. Speakers were experts in each of the workshop’s fields so could provide first hand knowledge to everyone in attendance.

Overall Venture Fest Tees Valley was a great day and we would recommend  it to any organisation in the area looking to innovate and grow. It was great to meet like minded people from local organisations on the day and to get some new ideas from positive and inspiration people in the area.