Tees Components Ltd

The urgent transportation of a high-tech Bow Thruster and Ancillary Equipment for a state-of-the-art Korean oceanographic research ship.

Project Description:

Johnson Partners was appointed project forwarder for this shipment for Tees Components Ltd, which had won a prestigious multimillion pound contract to develop and manufacture a Tees White Gill Thruster for a Korean oceanographic research ship – one of only a handful of large scale, high tech vessels in the world.

The high value Bow Thruster, also used on military vessels and ferries, allows the research ship to turn 360 degrees with precision with the minimum disturbance to the water, important when conducting oceanographic study.

tees component image

Project Requirements:

Johnson Partners arranged the transport of the out of gauge Bow Thruster which measured 4.8m long, 3.22m wide and 3.3m high and weighed 28 tonnes, along with associated miscellaneous items, by road to Felixstowe and then the shipping to Busan Port in South Korea.

After protracted discussions with Tees Components Ltd about the urgency and transit times, Johnson Partners arranged the shipment on the fastest transit route to Korea for the urgently needed thruster and associated items.

Johnson Partners arranged the road transportation – via a trusted local haulier – of the out of gauge thruster, and additional items (packed into a standard container) from Tees Components’ site at North Skelton, which were lifted by crane onto a flatbed truck on November 14.

Once the assignment arrived at Felixstowe, Johnson Partner arranged for the high value Bow Thruster to be securely lashed to a flat rack for the 29-day ship journey  – along with the miscellaneous items – to Busan in Korea.