Mackenzie Thorpe

Shipping large scale and highly valuable artwork to the USA

Project description

Johnson Partners was commissioned to move a large sculpture by UK artist Mackenzie Thorpe from the South of England for shipment to Oklahoma, USA.

This was one of the most illustrious contracts we have been awarded because of the prestige of this one-off piece of art and presented a different set of challenges to our traditional industrial shipments.

We’re very proud to have been asked to do this project, especially because of the local interest in working for a Middlesbrough born artist.

Mackenzie Thorpe loading

Project requirements

The sculpture was created in the South of England and when completed was over three metres in height.

Although it was actually shipped in a standard container it was a piece of Art and had to be treated as such.

Particular attention had to be paid to the way in which the sculpture was built to enable it to be broken down for shipment in the container.

Time was not the critical issue on this shipment, it was more important to ensure it arrived in Oklahoma undamaged.

The sculpture is now in place at the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Centre in Oklahoma, USA.

As a result of the success of this project we have now developed a long running relationship with Mackenzie Thorpe handling more regular standard shipments.