Mackenzie Thorpe delivery and exhibition

montage MT3

Since transporting Mackenzie Thorpe’s  ‘Shipping Together’ sculpture to Oklahoma, Johnson Partners have arranged several different kinds of shipments for Mackenzie and his team.

Fairly recently, we arranged a delivery to Box Galleries on Kings Road in Chelsea. This sculpture was collected from a Fine Art Foundry in Houston Texas and flown across the Atlantic to Heathrow Airport and then delivered on a small truck to navigate the tricky streets of London!

Whilst the artwork has travelled from two parts of the world that seem a million miles (figuratively speaking!) from Middlesbrough, both the inspiration and logistics were forged on the banks of the River Tees!

Following this delivery, we were recently invited to attend the opening of Mackenzie’s exhibition of The Station Posters at Middlesbrough’s Thirteen building. Having looked after a number of Mackenzie’s shipments over the year, it was a real honour to be invited and a treat to attend!

We’d been aware that Mackenzie had been invited to create a series of posters to be shown at Middlesbrough’s railway station. However, seeing the originals alongside the posters was amazing to see. It was fantastic to meet Mackenzie and speak to his wife Susan, and really intriguing to hear Mackenzie talk about his life and how the local industry in Middlesbrough has influenced him so much!